About APSA Membership

We provide our members with all of the benefits and services offered by traditional unions (and more), without the politics and for a fraction of the price. Ready to leave the union that represents your job, but need a safety net? We're here for you.

APSA members enjoy access to: 

Legal Services

The American Public Servants Association, in partnership with LegalShield, offers APSA members the Public Servant Legal Plan, a legal services solution that meets the specific needs of government employees. This legal services plan covers APSA members along with their spouse and any dependents. View plan details and see what's covered

Through LegalShield, APSA members have 24/7 access to a variety of individualized legal services. LegalShield attorneys practice in every state and every field of law. So, while APSA members might initially need legal services for a grievance hearing, to sort out workers comp pay, or because of an on-the-job injury, ASPA members and their dependents can also receive attorney assistance in drafting a will, reading a contract, or even in personal matters like car accidents or custody matters.

Supplemental Insurance

Through APSA, members have access to a range of supplemental insurance options, including Life Insurance, Professional Liability, and an Accidental Discharge policy for peace officers. You can view all available policies here.

Funding and Scholarships

APSA members can apply for financial support and funding for professional development, licensure, education, and more through APSA’s sister organization, the American Public Servants Charitable Foundation. Applications are open through March 31, 2023, and scholarships and funding are available for individuals and groups. Learn more here 

Additional Benefits through BenefitsHub

All members receive access to discounts at thousands of national and local retailers through BenefitsHub. These include restaurants, movie theaters, big box stores, and more. APSA members can also take advantage of a cash-back program on purchases through BenefitsHub.

Support, Resources, and Advice from the APSA Team

APSA's team helps members with questions about their employment contracts and workplace issues, provides advice on how to handle workplace situations, and more. We offer a wide range of resources request resources. For workplace issues that involve multiple individuals, discrimination based on union membership, or decertification efforts, APSA’s in-house legal team may consult or represent those members in seeking a resolution. 

APSA member benefits


We offer monthly and annual memberships. If you have questions about membership or want to talk to someone from the APSA team about membership options, email us at membership@americanpublicservants.org.

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APSA membership is customizable to your needs. Our membership tiers allow you to choose the benefits you need and the monthly cost that fits your budget. Check them out below.

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