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Receive all of the benefits and services offered by traditional unions, without the politics and for a fraction of the price by joining as an APSA member today. Through APSA, our members have access to legal services, supplemental insurances, funding opportunities for professional development, personalized support, and more. 

We offer monthly and annual membership plans, and two tiers, so you can choose what works for your needs and budget. You can always change your membership type at a later date through our member portal.

Blue Membership

$30 per month, or $325 annually

Blue members receive:

  • Access to the APSA team for advice and support
  • 24/7 access to legal services through LegalShield
  • Discounts at thousands of nationwide retails and other benefits through BenefitsHub
  • Access to APSA resources

Red Membership

$35 per month, or $375 annually

Red members receive:






If paid membership is not the right choice for you right now, you can also register as a free "Friend" of APSA, and receive periodic APSA updates, access to APSA resources, and information about workers' rights. If you're not sure about joining APSA, you're encouraged to join as a Friend, and upgrade to paid membership at a later date!


Important information:

Payment options can be managed on your member portal. All payments will be set to auto-renew, and payment receipts can be found in the member portal.

Membership is non-refundable. Membership that is billed monthly can be cancelled by the 15th day of the month, effective the end of the month (for example, if I want to cancel my membership August 1st, I must cancel by July 15th). Membership that is billed annually can be cancelled up to 15 days before renewal. Memberships can be cancelled in the member portal.