Legal Services 

APSA Blue and Red Members are automatically enrolled in a legal services plan: the Public Servant Legal Plan, through LegalShield. This plan is a legal services solution to meet the specific needs of government employees. This legal services plan covers APSA members and their spouse and dependents. 

Through LegalShield, APSA members have 24/7 access to a variety of individualized legal services. Attorneys through LegalShield practice in every state, and every field of law. So, while APSA members might initially need legal services for a grievance hearing, to sort out workers comp pay, or because of an on-the-job injury, ASPA members and their dependents can also receive attorney assistance in drafting a will, reading a contract, or even in personal matters like car accidents or custody matters. 

To access these services, log in to your member portal, and click "legal services". 

Specific legal services covered under your plan:

Legal Advice/Consultation on unlimited personal issues

Administrative & Termination Hearing ($50 flat fee per hour)

Letters/Calls made on your behalf

Contracts/Documents Reviewed up to 15 pages

Will Preparation - Will/Living Will/Health Care Power of Attorney/Financial Power of Attorney

Trial Defense (if named defendant/respondent in a covered civil action suit)

Traffic Ticket Consultation ($50 per defense)

IRS Audit Assistance (begins with the tax return due April 15th ofthe year you enroll) ($50 flat fee per hour)

Family Services Uncontested Divorce, Separation, Adoption and/or Name Change Representation, Residential Loan Services (available 90 days after enrollment) ($50 flat fee per hour)

25% Preferred Member Discount (bankruptcy, criminal charges, DUI, personal injury, etc.)

24/7 Emergency Access for covered situations

If you have questions about legal services, or whether your individual matter is covered, please contact us at