About APSA

All public sector workers deserve to have someone on their side to advocate for their needs. If you choose to leave the traditional union that represents your job, APSA is here for you.

Our Mission

The American Public Servants Association (APSA) supports and empowers public sector workers and their families by providing them with a reliable and affordable alternative to traditional union membership. We offer all the benefits that a traditional union provides, without the politics.

The Problem

Many public sector workers feel that traditional unions are no longer serving them.  While unions have been instrumental in fighting for American workers’ rights, they’ve lost sight of their intended purpose — to protect and support their members.  Today, unions are one of the largest special interest groups in American politics. Union dues, collected from hardworking public sector employees, are being spent not on members, but on political lobbying, election financing, and union executives' salaries 

Frustrated with union harassment, politicization, misuse of funds, and corruption, many workers want to leave the union that represents their job, but they don't want to lose access to the legitimate benefits the union provides.   

The Power of Choice

The American Public Servants’ Association gives public sector employees a better option. We provide a reliable and affordable safety net for workers who want to leave their union, and we exist solely to serve our members and their families. We are the only organization that provides all public sector workers with the same services as government unions without any ties to political activism — on any side of any issue.  

In 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court gave public sector employees the explicit right to leave a union while remaining covered by existing employment contracts and retaining employment-guaranteed benefits. By offering a viable alternative to union membership, APSA gives workers the ability to exercise that right and the power to choose what’s best for them. 

What does APSA do?

APSA provides a safety net to public sector employees who have made the decision to leave a traditional union. APSA is the only organization working to provide all public employees the alternative services offered by government unions without any ties to political activism – on any side of any issue. We're focused solely on workers and their needs.

We provide members with access to legal services, supplemental insurances, and other benefits at a fraction of the cost of traditional union dues. APSA will never be involved in any kind of politics, and member dues directly fund member benefits and services.

APSA compared to traditional government unions
APSA member benefits

If you're ready to leave the union that represents your job, APSA is here to be your safety net. We offer monthly and annual memberships, and we provide our members with legal services, supplemental benefits, support resources, funding opportunities, and more.  

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Support Public Sector Workers

If you'd like to support APSA and our members, please consider supporting out sister organization, the American Public Servants Charitable Foundation. 

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